The Great Game "Proxima Centauri"

The main task solved by the game:

Getting participants experience and testing skills in the conditions of structural, technological and other changes within the company and its target market.
The game clearly demonstrates what happens in an organization in which information passes through several levels of hierarchy. The game shows the importance of a quick and harmonious response to changing environmental conditions in the face of growing uncertainty, emphasizes the need for cooperation to achieve an ambitious goal.

The plot of the game:

The action of the game takes participants to a far future. Commands are enterprises that manufacture components for spacecraft systems. In the final game you need to build a full-fledged ship for the first interstellar journey to the star of Proxima Centauri. A lot of companies (teams) start their way from the production of spacecraft elements to the foreign market. Over time, they gain experience, master new technologies, expand, absorb less successful companies (merge with them) and begin to design entire systems and even ships.
From round to round, within each team, a new level of hierarchy is added, which gives participants "career growth" within the team, but at the same time creates the need to prepare receivers for their former place. At each next level of the hierarchy, and more effective strategies that are sold at the highest level to the market. At the same time, employees of companies can communicate only with their immediate subordinates and managers and do not see the general picture. The market reimburses monetary compensation for the number of correctly made elements of the ship.
By the end of the game, as a result of the merger of several small teams, several well-organized and effective corporations are being created, between which the main intrigue unfolds.
Key parameters: Number of players: 28 - 500 Playing time: 5-16 hours (game, analysis, training) depending on the tasks and depth of training Leaders and assistants are required: from 3 people (depending on the number of players)

The game is divided into 3 rounds.
In each round: the game, the discussion of the results, the impact during the round, further actions to improve the results of the next round. Teaching theory with practice in practice.
Round 1: competition between teams, production and sale of products on the market.
Round 2: competition between teams, the production and sale of more complex products on the market, the introduction of new technologies, the emergence of the next level of hierarchy.
Round 3: Cooperating, producing the final large project to achieve all the previous levels of the hierarchy.
Summing up the game and the solemn conclusion. The time of the round can be set hard, to within a minute. The game implies accurate timing. Between rounds, you can pawn long breaks, incl. on educational activity.

Mechanics of the game:

Experience experienced by players:
Implementation of new technologies: from decision-making on the introduction of new technologies: management, expansion / reduction within the company. Management of the company and team: strategic planning, task setting, performance monitoring, motivation, communication, feedback, internal order system building, risk management, process optimization , innovations, organization of internal training.

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